How to Increase Emotional Bonds with Children

How to Increase Emotional Bonds with Children

Children who have emotional closeness with their parents often have good character and behavior, are easy to get along with, have a strong will and high learning interest. In addition to these also, children will be easier to be empathetic with others. Without emotional closeness, the child will be more aggressive and difficult to manage.

Over time, establishing an emotional bond with a child is a separate moment that will always be remembered by the baby. But what is the method for fostering closeness between parents and children? The following are 5 techniques for building emotional ties with children in everyday life:

Book Reading Session with Children
It has been proven that if parents often read books for children, it can help them to hone their language and reading skills. Not only that, this job also is one of the best techniques for establishing emotional ties with children because it is an intimate work that will never be forgotten.

So take 10 to 20 minutes each day to read a fairy tale or story book before the child sleeps, then say good luck and kiss his forehead. This can be stored in the child’s memory and does not take up a lot of time.

Play with Children
Playing with parents is a fun thing for your little one. So take the time to play with him. For example playing dolls, playing roles, or playing bikes together. By playing together, children will see their parents as their best friends too. So over time it will develop an emotional bond with the child when he has begun to feel comfortable with you.

Doing Fun Activities
Just like playing, doing fun work like singing, dancing, drawing, or gardening can strengthen emotional ties with children. Through various activities carried out with the child, he will be exposed emotionally and indicate his expression freely. When children begin to feel comfortable, then he will more often tell you to spend time together. Really encouraging, huh?

Listening to Children Tell a Story
When the child starts to speak fluently, he will be happy to tell you about what he experienced that day, or negotiate his feelings. All you need to do is pay attention to what your child tells and give understanding that you know their feelings.

When children feel that their parents are good listeners, children will be more exposed to their parents to express what is in their minds and feelings. Try to understand your child through his perspective so it is easy to know his feelings.

Expressing love
Sometimes children do not understand how the method to express their love for parents. Therefore, teach children to express their affection by indicating how to do it.

You can indicate affection with a hug, a kiss on the forehead, or with words and treatment that indicate your affection. By expressing your feelings of love through this, it will help to increase emotional ties with children. In addition, children will be easier to open about their feelings for you.

The methods above not only strengthen emotional ties with children, but also is an exciting job to express your love for children.