Famous Martial Arts Icons

A representative of the very far-reaching action movie term is the martial arts film. Martial Arts means translated as much as martial arts. Not every movie in which the lead actors reorganize their faces has something to do with art, but one does not take that too seriously. Main thing the scraps fly and the entertainment is guaranteed.

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The best martial arts actors

It is a bit difficult to organize martial arts films according to their quality, as there are now too many good ones. So instead, we’ve put together a list of the best-known actors.

Bruce Lee (fighting style: Jeet Kune Do)

While the various fighting styles have existed for centuries, and have been around for millennia, only a little over 50 years ago a small Asian managed to make the spectacular battles cinematic. The speech is none other than Bruce Lee. With his art, the little dragon in his time not only inspired the local audience, but made his own style Jeet Kune Do famous all over the world. Unfortunately, Bruce Lee died too early at the age of 32 from an allergic reaction to a painkiller. Our favorite movie with Lee:

Jackie Chan (fighting style: Kung Fu)

He is the jester among martial arts actors. Always smiling and chronically cheerful, Jackie Chan began his film career at just seven years old. The 1954 born Chinese comes from poor conditions and had to work his way up with many small stunt roles in the business. At that time he stood out from the mass of competitors, while he did not shy away from particularly breakneck maneuvers. After the producers Jackie Chan had noticed, this got his first starring roles. Since then, the kung fu master has been filming one movie after another and is one of the most successful Asian actors of all time. Our favorite movie with Chan:

Jean-Claude Van Damme (Style: Shotokan-Karate)

Jean-Claude Van Damme is from Brussels and started to practice karate at the age of ten. His nickname The Muscles from Brussels was awarded to him during his acting career. The combination of martial arts training, bodybuilding and ballet provided a spectacular fighter and actor for those days. The Belgian became one of the most sought-after action actors in the world and also had other roles in films such as Cyborg, Universal Soldier and Double Team. Although it ran over the years, some others the rank, but because there are always new action cracker with Van Damme. Our favorite movie with Van Damme:

Jet Li (fighting style: Wushu)

One knows Jet Li above all because of its rapid combat style. Unlike other long-established martial arts films (mostly from Asia), his fights run smoothly without pausing after each stroke. He also works in combat scenes with computer-generated effects, e.g. In some sections, kicks and punches are accelerated, creating the illusion of more power and speed. In addition, Jet Li combines traditional martial arts films with new Western action elements. Explosions, chases and still a good deal of fighting make up the composition of films like Unleashed, The One and The Expendables. Meanwhile, Li has made something rare. Our favorite movie with Li:

Donnie Yen (fighting style: Tai Chi)

One of the lesser-known martial arts actors is Chinese Donnie Yen. Although he has been making films since 1982, he has probably only been known since the beginning of 2000. During his appearance in Blade II, he played a Vampire Emissary who was to test the Daywalker. At that time one already wondered: “Who is this fast fighter?”. A year later, Donnie Yen answered that question. On the side of Jet Li, he got a supporting role in the movie Hero, which made him famous. However, it took more small roles until 2008, the Cantonese for the main role in Martial Arts Kracher Ip Man committed. Star Wars fans should also be the sympathetic fighter after the Star Wars Prequel Rogue One. Our favorite movie with Yen:

Tony Jaa (fighting style: Muay Thai)

After a long career as a stuntman, Tony Jaa was finally engaged for the lead role in the film Ong Bak. His demo reel impressed the director of the film so much that he absolutely wanted to have the then known as Panom Yeerum Thai actor for his film. What makes Tony Jaa, is the complete abandonment of the use of ropes or special effects in his combat deposits. Therefore, they also look very authentic and give a unique impression of reality. Our favorite movie with Tony Jaa:

Other famous martial arts actors

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