Who Sells Duracell Car Batteries?

It is not difficult to find who sells Duracell car batteries. You can even find references and recommendations on Duracell car batteries.

Who sells Duracell car batteries? Before arriving at this battery seller, here are some curious facts about this product:

History of Duracell car batteries

The Duracell name came from the idea that batteries should last longer and longer, even better for life. Duracell is a car battery that can withstand extreme conditions and situations, thanks to its maximum power. Even now, this brand remains consistent in quality and strives to improve.

In other words, the Duracell car battery is made for reliable performance and with a great capacity to adapt to various circumstances. The name itself, “Duracell”, actually means “durable cell.” This term emerged in 1964 and has been his motto until 1980.

The creator of Duracell.Inc is Berkshire Hathaway Carsstudios. This is a company that manufactures batteries and other energy systems. Samuel Ruben and Philip Mallory were the two figures behind the creation of this product in the 1920s.

Duracell Inc. has undergone several mergers and acquisitions. In 2014, Duracell was part and a conglomerate of Procter and Gambler products. That was also the time when the company agreed to sell the corporation to Berkshire Hathaway. The transfer of shares is an agreement.

Types of Duracell car batteries

Needless to say, you should first know the product before finding the answer to “who sells Duracell car batteries?” There are three (3) types of Duracell car batteries and they are:

Duracell Starter

With premium quality, Duracell Starter is reliable and also maintenance free. It has protection against leaks consisting of four characteristics of the room.

Duracell Advanced

Also maintenance free, Duracell Advanced is available in 12V cells with 40 to 110Ah. You do not need to verify it all the time and have extended performance.

Duracell Extreme EFB

EFB means flooded enhanced battery. This type of Duracell is environmentally friendly, with functions to start and stop when you want to use it or not.

AGM Duracell Extreme

This Duracell also has a start and stop function. It also has spill proof to prevent liquid leakage. Its durability is twice three times better than quality.

So who sells Duracell car batteries?

There are many companies that sell Duracell car batteries, including Walmart, which also sells household items and other food. Sam’s Club is also one of the online stores that sell this car battery.

It is not difficult to find who sells Duracell car batteries. You can even find references and recommendations on which Duracell car batteries to buy in some of these online stores. Once you know what you need, you can go from there.