Watch out for ants

These little insects are already so common among us that we don’t even care much anymore. However, this small animal can cause us serious diseases and can be very dangerous in large numbers.


Ants are dirty animals. On their way in search of food, they pass through inappropriate places such as plumbing, sewage and even feces. With that these animals arrive at our food bringing germs and bacteria. In addition, studies show that they are contaminated with fungi that can cause allergies, mainly respiratory, and mycoses (simple or fatal) and distribute them wherever they go. Including our kitchens and food.

It has also been proven that ants are able to attack animals much larger than themselves, and carry them into their nests. It is not common to see ants attacking humans, but their bites can cause allergies and many bites together can be dangerous enough to kill. That is why we must try to stay away from ants and, if possible, exterminate them from our homes, either with poison or with pest control.