Seva Mobil Bekas : How to Clean the Car Cabin After Flooding

The flood disaster at the beginning of 2020 became a prelude to the year which was quite shocking to the population of Jakarta and its surroundings. Not only immersing the location of residence and buildings, but also the car that became a victim.

For car owners who are submerged by flooding, not only the vehicle’s engine of concern, but even the interior or cabin that must be cleaned immediately. If not quickly cleaned, the former water and mud floods can create a car carpet into a musty odor and the severity of it can create rust on the underside of the car.

Following is the right technique to wash the car cabin after being flooded, as Mitsubishi Motors said in its official explanation:

Make sure the cabin elements are dry first, there is no more stagnant water in the car cabin. Next, immediately remove the entire car carpet and clean the base carpet using pressurized water and soap. Then dry with the technique dried in the sun.

Likewise for car seats, so that it is easier to drain would be better removed from the cabin of the car. Because the car seat material wants to easily absorb water to the point that it is not enough to just dry it with a hairdryer, because later it will still feel moist in the elements inside. If you use upholstery fabric also needs to be removed and cleaned so that it is clean and fragrant.

In addition to the carpet and upholstery, remove any Doors on the door to make sure that all the elements behind it can be purified to the maximum. The door is probably relatively easy to be purified because it does not absorb a little water.

Must be guaranteed in washing the car cabin with this technique you can also do the installation home. Make sure all the cables are dry and go back to their original position.

After working on personal cleaning, we recommend that you take the vehicle directly to a legitimate garage for cleaning and checking in more detail. Sumber :