bedroom ideas

Bedroom decor and design ideas minimalist [latest trends]

The features of minimal bedroom design cannot be seen by the eye, especially with the addition of a monochrome color palette will be more and more interest. Likewise in this bedroom design. The sleeping room is a warm and healthy place to relax.

Through minimalist and simple interior, the room owner can rest calmly and cleanly. Although the decor of the rooms on the walls of polka dot and carpet, the sheets with various colors according to personality would be interesting when applied, this minimalist design will remain perfectly impressed with the aesthetic value that is created not faded uncolored by Time.

bedroom ideas

Bedroom decor and design ideas

The idea of making a minimalist bedroom will be your inspiration when you want to renovate or overhaul your room. In addition to the elegant and simple look, in the inspiration below can make the room will look spacious and other with a normal room design. Following ideas bedroom according to

1. Artistic bedroom design with cement wall

Everyone can see the uniqueness of this room design. On the back wall of the bed is made of cement that is given a beautiful geometric texture by wood carving. In the cupboard, the mirror door in the bedroom can also make the impression of a spacious room.

2. Minimalist bedroom design countries

A blend of gorgeous wallpaper with a grey-white brick texture, figura decorations, and some softwood furniture, can feature a special countries style.

3. Stylish Exposure

It is formed through light lighting on the upper ceiling. The design of the cabinet combined with the working desk will produce a different modern minimalist touch. Also, note that the lighting under the cabinet can make working activities more productive.

4. Bedroom Design size 3 × 3

By using the floor of wood vinyl type and on white painted walls, the bedding has black with white sheets and blankets can make the style of the room minimalist yet modern look elegant. Some of the artistically minimalist figure composed of various sizes will more beautify on the platform wall as a bedroom.

5. Classic Minimalist Room

The combination of neutral or monochrome colors must be in the overall furniture and walls of the room. Give a classic touch to the wood-patterned vinyl floor with an additional border texture on the room wall.

6. Feminine Bedroom Design

All designs and decorations can be specially designed in detail and harmoniously, in order to create a soft and beautiful bedroom design. For all-white furniture on the marble floor will show the impression of elegance perfectly.

7. Zen-style room design

With soft colors, nature will soothe. Positioning the position on the large window will add to the tranquility and make it a key element on the Zen lifestyle. In the bedroom design will tend to rendang with the right choice for any Zen style room design.

8. Hidden beds

Returnable to the wall, function to make room space more flexible and spacious. So you can focus on working/learning without being tempted to rest on the mattress. All family members can play and move freely.

9. Full Wall Window

For each side of the room will be faced with the best view on the house and terrace, designing the room so the warm place is also soothing. Natural lighting uses the light of the minimum possible. Utahan wears a yellow luminous light to add a touch of warmth.

10. Monochrome bedroom design with red touch

Minimalist home color combinations. By giving a classic modern twist on the black and white figure.

11. Collaborative wall tiles and futuristic-style walls

From two different side sections. This bedroom design is suitable for those who are quickly tired of learning activities or sleeping so that it is more felt in other places. Full wall mirrors on the edge of the bed platform can make the room look spacious and relieved.

12. Modern Bedroom in Apartment

The provision of the gray and black color is dominant. Large abstract paintings will make the room more stylish. Your room will be more romantic when using full walls, especially if at night.

13. Simple Patterned Wallpaper

The perfect choice for those who want to wear a wallpaper in a minimalist room. The selection on the motif should be simply done not use striking color, with soft color will make the side of the wall where the wallpaper looks harmonious and comfortable.

Want to apply minimalist bedroom design?

There are some important points you should look out for when wanting to elevate the bedroom design concept! Also, note the following tips!

Select monochrome or neutral color

Choose a basic color on the minimalist character and avoid the basic colors too striking. The striking color selection will make the brain aroused to keep it working and certainly complicate rest comfortably. A good selection of warm and soft colors in earth tones or earth shades. To make the display look modern, specify a color palette (black, white, and grey). Try not to choose a lot of color combinations, maximum only 3 colors as the room palette.

Choose and place Furniture appropriately

Determining furniture using the appropriate quantity on a simple design but still elegant to find a minimalist bedroom design concept. Reducing the buildup on furniture is not beneficial to prevent the narrow impression also mess. Do not select patterned furniture or sheets. You can do a blend of characters using the concept of minimalist interior design appropriately.

Choose the right decoration

Place the appropriate decoration on the wall and some corner of the room. You should be able to make a choice decoration that fits the theme as well as a color palette of your bedroom design. Don’t exceed the color or style of the decoration as it will collide with your concept. In addition to the character, you can equip it with a decoration that suits your tastes.