12 Model Bathroom Design Minimalist

The bathroom is the room – that without you being aware – affects your mood. The bathroom is beautiful, clean, and tidy will make you happier and relax after you use it. With the existence of a comfortable bathroom, you can also soothe your muscles after a long and tiring day under the warm shower. Want to create a dream bathroom without reducing the home space? Simple small minimalist bathroom design can be the right choice! With this bathroom style, you can create a small bathroom that looks spacious and elegant. Come see the inspiration for minimalist bathroom design models and tips from Tabithaevansdesign.com below!

Model Bathroom Design Minimalist

In addition to the tips to apply a simple small minimalist bathroom design that you can find at the end of the article, we have compiled a portfolio of minimalist bathroom design, from our service providers, to be your reference! Bathroom model, which number is your favorite?

1. Minimalist bathroom without partition. A partition or shower screen is unknowingly making your bathroom look narrower. Although it can be tricked with transparent partition, the bathroom without a partition has its own artistic value. The ceramic lining of the wall and floor is matte textured, on this bathroom design, it will also make your bathroom look more classy.

2. The bathroom with white mosaic ceramic is the right choice for a white minimalist monochrome bathroom. To make your bathroom more stylish, install the Figura abstract artwork with black trim. Place also the flower vase next to your sink as the room sweetener.

3. A minimalist monochrome bathroom, with the use of floors and white ceilings and black walls. The lighting around the mirror sink gives its own elegant value. Not forgetting, the existence of a window in the bathroom gives natural lighting in the bathroom that carries a dark color like black.

4. Dark bathroom, who is afraid? When the dark bathrooms were first considered dirty and creepy. Now, the black bathroom becomes popular because of the luxurious minimalist impression given. For this bathroom, you need to pay attention to the lighting. Install a white light and also a window to provide natural lighting.

6. Minimalist bathroom size 1 × 2, generally does not require a design that is too complicated. The use of simple wall material and floor, as well as a variation of the ceramic mosaic bathroom on one side of the wall, effectively give a minimalist style to this bathroom.

7. Black in white, the right solid black color composition of the white bathroom makes the bathroom look perfect. Distinguish the color of ceramic floors in dry areas and shower areas and vary the models of ceramic walls in different sides. Box or square-shaped mirrors are also now popularly used.

8. The main bathroom is countries style, making your bathroom not inferior to other room design. Key? Use a waterproof layer of white brick patterned on the walls of the most vulnerable wet parts and attach the wallpaper of your choice on the side of the dry area wall. Also, give a little artistic touch by displaying a figure. The feather carpet is also a mandatory decoration for countries design style.

9. Bathroom design in the bedroom is a small version of the main bathroom in the Scandinavian style above. For the bathroom in the bedroom, the use of shower is more recommended than a bathtub. The use of partitions is also important to avoid the room to check when bathing.

10. A minimalist, spacious bathroom. If you have a large space in your house, what’s wrong with having a spacious bathroom? The comfortable and spacious bathroom can restore your energy and mood when bathing, you know. In this minimalist bathroom, the existence of a spacious desk and a soft floral wallpaper become the main star! Want?

11. Small yet luxurious, your small bathroom can be designed as a form to look “expensive” and elegant. The use of a combination of white and light ash displays luxurious simplicity. The existence of small chandelier lights on the bathroom wall to add a classy impression.

12. A slight variation on the bathroom ceiling, giving an unusual look to this bathroom. It is also supported by the unique ceiling design. The figure with a thin, black frame is also popularly used in modern minimalist homes, including bathrooms.