How to Clean a Gold Ring

In the search for the best way to keep that family jewel always shining, or even just to show a little more the wedding ring on the anniversary day of the date, there are people who wear everything.

Clean a Gold Ring with kitchen detergent, heavy cleaning products, alcohol or expensive jewelry cleaners.

A few years ago it was still common to see sellers door to door showing the efficiency of the latter, or else on those telemarketers who said they had the ideal solution for all problems.

Nothing could be further from reality. According to many experts in the conservation of pieces of daily or constant use, most of the time it is possible to bring back the shiny shine of the gold ring using only soap and water .

Of course, not everything is that simple, because it is not to throw all the rings in a basin and scrub like the washerwomen in the stream.

It is necessary to clean with some delicacy so as not to make risks. When cleaning is finished, it is best to dry the piece with a lint-free cloth or paper.

Another method that can work is a homemade solution, a mixture of one part of ammonia with six parts of water.

The jewels should be submerged in the solution for a short period, more or less a minute. Polishing the part after removing it from the mixture is of the utmost importance.

Give preference to suede – not for nothing, the material that lines the boxes where the rings are presented in jewelry stores.

It is good to remember that there is nothing better than prevention and that there are some products that dirty more than others, such as lotion, powder, washing soap, bleach, chlorine.

The natural oiliness of the skin can also help to take the shine off a gold piece.

Also, the rubbing of a jewel with others can make it need at least one brush with some soft hair, to defrost, for example, or make the shine reappear. The ideal is to keep the ring in lined boxes.