Psychologists: Scholarships for YouTubers Good Success Stories for Children

Psychologists: Scholarships for YouTubers Good Success Stories for Children

A number of universities such as the Banda Aceh Getempana STKIP (STKIP BBG), Banda Aceh and the National Veterans Development University (UPN), Jakarta, provide scholarships to continue their studies in the YouTuber category.

YouTuber is a title that was recently embedded for creators or creators on the YouTube platform. As a rule, a YouTuber has a number of followers and the video is watched by many people.

The scholarship award for excellence for YouTuber raises a number of questions about whether YouTuber is considered an achievement?

Child and adolescent psychologist Kantiana Taslim said the attribution of the route to success came from the rapid development of technology, education and careers.

Career trends are expected to grow year after year. Future employment trends are changing from paper and pencil to digital, becoming more dynamic and flexible workplaces and workplaces, and becoming more distinctive tasks in the creative process. Source:

Creating creative content, especially on the YouTube platform, is an example of changing work patterns that require a variety of characters.

“Judging from the relevance of the growing trend, someone who can create quality multimedia content, creative, innovative, and original is certainly an ability and achievement that cannot be underestimated,” said Kantiana.

Kantiana explained that creating interesting, relevant and interesting content requires cognitive functions, analytical power, creativity and strategic thought processes. It also requires decision making and practical solutions, as well as a general perspective.

To have all these skills, according to Kantiana, education is the key. Various cognitive capacities and processes must be developed and refined, one of them through formal education. Therefore, formal education cannot be excluded.

“With good formal education, children will get used to systematic thinking and have good credibility for various fields of work that will be occupied later, so that aspects of academic training remain important to have.” said Kantiana, personal development advisor. .

Kantiana has evaluated, created insightful and original content, as well as skills and interests in mathematics, nature, music, art, sports, languages, and social. This is where the role of parents and educators is to develop children’s potential and respect them.

“If standard scholarships in sports can be given, of course, scholarships for art, media and various other fields must also be considered,” Kantiana said.

The scholarship award for excellence for YouTubers is considered to have a psychological impact on children. One of them is children’s motivation to create educational, insightful, creative and useful content for many people.

Kantiana suggested the need for specific performance criteria and various general skills as conditions for receiving scholarships.

“Children who want to continue their studies will be selected and motivated to develop their abilities,” Kantiana concluded. Source: