Misuse of Lip Liner

Misuse of Lip Liner

The term makeup is magic seems to apply to the benefits of a lip liner that can give the effect of lips becoming thicker, correcting asymmetrical lips, or guarding the appearance of lipstick more neatly and lip lines do not appear. Various uses can indeed be obtained from the lip liner to perfect makeup, but it should not be wrong to apply it, because maybe your lip makeup will look not neat enough and perfect. Like what for example?

Choose the color of a lip liner that is too dark

Generally, the color of the lip liner is chosen to match the color of your lips or the color of the lipstick you are going to wear. If you use a lip liner that is darker than the color of the lipstick, the results will certainly not look neat enough, it can even give off the impression of smaller lips. If you want to get a more slick, fuller look on your lips, you can choose a matching lip liner with lipstick or 1-2 tone lighter.

Does not clean the lip liner line

Considering the lip liner being the outermost lip that is useful as a frame, it must be very urgent to create straight and neat lines. Leaving just one or two stains will make the lips not look neat. If accidentally creates a scratch outside the lip line, correct the mistake by https://bit.ly/2P8EavY covering it using concealer.

Make a rough line

Just like eyeshadow software, Fimela’s friend may not want the lines on the lips to look ‘stiff’ and rough, right? For perfect lip makeup, you can blend the rough lines of the lip liner so that it looks smooth and blends with the lipstick. Use a cotton bud to clean the lip line to make it look smoother, then go back to sleep with lipstick as the final stage so that the colors of both look blurred.

Applying too fast

Based on information from makeup artist Kayleen McAdams, try to avoid trying to apply lip liner to the lips in one motion. Instead, he recommends creating a small and easy line by starting from the middle element towards the tip of the lips.

Skip the highlighter

Not only can it be used on the corners of the eyes, eyebrows and cheekbones, highlighter can also be used on the lips to deliver the effect of lips that look more shaped and full. The trick, you can add a highlighter on the curve of the upper lip and middle lip lower elements. “Highlighter on the lips can reflect light that creates lips look more dimensionless,” said https://bit.ly/2Kt32tn McAdams.