How To Manage Social Media To Improve Business Performance

How To Manage Social Media To Improve Business Performance

The magnitude of the influence of social media in our lives when it can be witnessed from the data quoted by Hootsuite in January 2019, where currently there are 150 million active users of social media in Indonesia each day draining an average of 4 hours on many social media platforms .

“How not, each day, your behavior can not be separated from mobile phones and social media. From digging information about trends, information about products, as well as news and current events all traced from a digital wall. Want to eat, update first. Buy goods then unboxing first. Use a new brand, review first, “said Niam Dzikri, President Director of Infomedia Nusantara at Social Media Day 2019 in Jakarta, recently.

In his written explanation, Niam stated the importance of mastering social media for business like Avengers for Marvel Universe.

“Like the six main characters in Avengers at Marvel Universe, enterprises need to master the six main social media channels to successfully win the market battle in this digital age,” he said.

Six social media channels that became the main platform in 2019, Niam revealed include Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Line and Twitter.

Then how to manage so many social media platforms? This is not an easy activity. Here the role of social media management is most needed, where all the company’s activities in communicating on the social media line will be planned and created a strategy for the intended destination.

“Original ideas need to be explored in creating creative content. Until after the social media posting activities are carried out, managing engagement on a daily basis needs to be carried out to oversee the level of successful interactions with customers and scoop up opportunities made in the market,” Niam explained.

Selection of Original Content

Even after the entire process on social media is carried out, an analysis of the success of the campaign and interaction also needs to be carried out continuously as a material for review and basis in determining the next strategy.

Kevin Kristian, Former Head of Socmed and Creative Content at Shopee who appeared on Social Media Day 2019 stated that IPA is a successful stage of social media management.

The science here is Idea / dentity, Planning, and Analytics which need to be carried out continuously and consistently.

“This work is a big job and cannot be achieved instantly. For that we need the right partner because we cannot do everything ourselves,” Kevin said.

The selection of original and unique content that matches the target audience is the key to social media marketing. Furthermore, social media which the company had previously looked at as a new media in working on promotion and marketing has now developed into a media to foster engagement and maintain business sustainability.

An example of the successful management of engagement on social media is also given by Telkomsel, which has won the Socially Dedicated Award from Social Bakers since 2014.

“The successful management of social media at Telkomsel is a fruit of a long journey consisting of the preparation of a mature strategy, always following the technological trends and customer lifestyle in its execution and responding with the right language,” said Benny Hamdani, GM of Telkomsel’s Customer Care Planning & Process Management.