How to Plan Your Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift – Marriage is an opportunity to be appreciated and celebrated on a large scale. Innovative and creative ideas make your part special in events that are friendly and will be remembered by couples for the rest of their lives. Now, the question is how can someone make their part special on a big day? Simple, it can be done by giving a new “Wedding Gift”. When we receive a wedding invitation, the first thing that comes to our mind is, what will I gift? How much should I spend on the prize?

Wedding Gift

Wedding gifts must be chosen carefully and with love. As a general rule, choosing a wedding gift depends on your partner, age and culture. Here are some simple tips that are useful for buying special wedding gifts:

1. Improve the Budget

Determine the budget for a wedding gift depending on how close the couple is to you and how much you want to offer your partner. Determining the previous budget saves time spent analyzing gifts that far exceed the budget.

2. Plan in advance

Start looking for gifts that fit your budget before marriage, a month before marriage will be the best time to start your process. This gives you some time to think about various creative gift ideas. Feel free to discuss with participants about their gift plans because this will help you avoid the same prize.

3. Think of Collecting Money

The best gift idea is to buy a mass gift with a group of friends or a group of relatives invited to the wedding. You can get big prizes as a group that an individual cannot always think of. One good idea is to buy a honeymoon package for couples.
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4. Consider cash prizes

Cash prizes are the best wedding gifts that couples want to receive but which they have never asked for. Cash prizes can be of any type, such as a gift card from a store or a pre-loaded credit card or cash in protection or even a check attached to a cover.

5. Who is being addressed

If you plan to send a gift before the wedding date, present the gift to the bride or groom you gave the gift. If a gift is offered on the wedding date or after the wedding, address the gift for both the bride and groom’s name.

6. Send a gift

If you do not attend a wedding ceremony and are still thinking of sending a gift to your partner, send a wedding gift before or after the wedding. Always remember to follow the points above based on the time you send the gift.

Know Tips in Shopping for The Dresses of The Mother of The Bride

If you strive to find the perfect wedding gown for your daughter, you must devote a similar effort in finding the perfect mother of the bride dress for you. Indeed, you owe yourself to be beautiful for yourself as much as your daughter on her wedding day!

Mother of The Bride

Know Who Is Important
You must remember that this is the day of the bride, not your day, when you see the mother of the wedding dress. It’s important not to choose the slinkiest, showiest and shiniest outfit available just because you want to get attention for yourself. It’s not suitable for the event, it’s not good for your daughter, and it’s not something you want on your wedding day.

Thus, you should choose a simple dress that will make you beautiful but may not make your daughter offended. Stay away from the cleavage dress, back row and crotch showing even if you have a body to display for it. Wear what number is in heaven next time.

Plus, you should consult with your daughter about the mother of the wedding dress that you are considering buying. After all, you can’t clash with a wedding group, merge with a tablecloth, and embarrass the family!

Know Your Age
We all show our age at a certain point in our lives. There is no shame because it is a natural occurrence. Therefore, you must admit that if you have a child who is getting married, then you must have the common sense to choose the right mother of the wedding dress.

This means that you should avoid choosing an ultra-mini and plunging on one side and a ribbon and bow on the other. Your first hole is against teenagers at weddings and the second makes you an older, much older version of flower girls. Either way, you will look ridiculous on your daughter’s wedding day!

Moral: Act as old as you, dress your age and talk to your age, but have fun!

Get to know your body
Our bodies change with age and even if you have done plastic work, your body will not be as it used to be or as you want it to be. When you have recognized the reality of this life, you will have a better perspective on the type of mother of the wedding dress that is suitable for your body.

No need to worry because there are mothers of bridal clothes that are deliberately designed to highlight assets and hide weaknesses, well, older women. However, you need to keep in mind the following facts:

  • Long gaps look inappropriate in women with short legs.
  • Strapless dress not for flabby arms.
  • Thick clothes make heavy shapes.
  • The best tight clothes for slim people with little or no belly fat.
  • Structured dresses with corsets can provide a better silhouette.

Try as many dresses as possible until you find one or two who will show off your assets, hide your obligations and generally show you as a classy dillards dresses mother of bride and groom taken by your daughter!

You will soon find that as much as you and your daughter have fun with her wedding dress, you can also have fun with your mother from the wedding gown. Good, fun, of course.

The Basic and Tips Wedding Toast

What would a wedding reception be without a traditional toast? It’s like having a wedding cake without sugar. Wedding toast is a very touching gesture, because it tells the bride and groom the sincere wishes of all those who attend the wedding.

Wedding Toast

Sequence of the Toasts

Wedding toast is usually given first by the best man, then father, groom and bride, and then followed by those who want to toast. However, the version can vary.

Other traditional sequences of wedding toasts also follow the best man as the first to toast, followed by the groom who says a few words to the bride, parents, family, and members of the wedding. After that, the groom is then followed by other people such as family members or friends who also want to toast, and finally, the bride’s father who thanks everyone for attending the wedding.

On the other hand, a non-traditional way of ordering the wedding toasts begins with the host grilling the bride. This is followed by the bridegroom saying a few words to the guests and the bride, followed by the bride giving a speech to her parents and parents-in-law, and finally, the bride’s father thanks everyone who shared this special day with them.

Actual Toast

Since a monk named Dom Perignon created champagne, the drink became the number one drink during the wedding. So before making a wedding toast, make sure your own glass and other people’s glasses (especially the bride) are also filled with drinks.

Stand beside the bride while giving your toast, and using a spoon, tap your own glass to get people’s attention. Lift your glass using your right hand held directly from your shoulder, and then you can start the wedding.

Tips for Wedding Toasts

Preparing for Speech: Practice! Giving wedding toast, although short, in front of so many people can be a very stressful experience. However, it doesn’t really have to be, not as long as you are ready. Write your speech so that you will know exactly what to say. Let it come directly from your heart, so you can convey the sentiment you want to convey to the partner you are burning. You can also try showing it to someone to comment on so you can get feedback on improving your speaking skills. Remember to keep practicing until you feel confident and comfortable enough to do it in front of a crowd. KISS. Make your wedding toast short and straight to the point, because you don’t want to distract from a happy couple. No one wants to hear a very long speech, so remember this word – K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple). The size of a good wedding toast is around 3 minutes. Giving Speeches In giving a wedding, talk loudly and clearly, especially if you don’t have a microphone, so people will understand what you are going to say. Speaking loudly gives you a certain presence, and now that you have the attention of an undivided audience, it’s important to hold it back by not muttering your words. So remember to speak slowly, because this is not a race to get you to finish your speech as quickly as possible. Remember, people really want to hear what you say. Make Eye Contact & Smile! Printing your greeting card or sign card is indeed very helpful in making wedding toast, but remember not to read it straight from the beginning to the end. Make eye contact with the audience, so they will feel that you are really talking to them. Oh yes, and don’t forget the most important detail: Smile! This is an exciting event, and your smile should say it!

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